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dropped: may 2013 :(

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Just wanted to post a general apology for being thread-droppy as hell for the past few weeks. I have acquired a job at a certain large book retailer whose name begins with B. It's a brand new store, so between that and ~the holidays~ I've been there most of the time. And I still have four classes also. >:|

Said classes are over in a couple of weeks so any thread-dropping that occurs after that is strictly because I'm a dumbass. Also possibly because my canon destroyed what was left of my soul.

Oops, I guess this is somewhat a post about JIM. Stupid comics.
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[so, you're dead. bummer.]

[in place of a Light at the End of the Tunnel, there's a big, heavy door. if you open it, you'll find yourself in a cluttered room, dimly lit by a candle here and there. there are books scattered everywhere—and for every enormous, dusty tome in a strange script you've never seen before, there's a decidedly smaller one with a title like "Blogging for Dummies."]

[in the back of the room, there's a kid sitting on a stool. there are strange little noises coming from his direction. they are coming from his phone, which currently has 100% of his attention.]

[you might need to alert him to your presence somehow.]
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Article about JIM today!

"That isn't to say Captain Britain is stupid in any way, but he thinks in straight lines. He's got an engineer's mind full of straight lines, while Loki has a mind like a bowl of spaghetti," Gillen said with a laugh.

I love this man.
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After... 3 months... I finally decided to get off my ass and post stuff from the second issue (623).

you wish your canon was this badass )

dis book.

Mar. 6th, 2012 09:40 pm
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I saw this awesome article today, which has some awesome insight into this iteration of Loki. It's written like a psych case file and it is perfect in every way because JIM, that's why.

When asked about free will, he seems doubtful whether it matters or not. “But you're human. I'm not. Maybe I can't change,” he says. He says his only talent is lies. He fears that it will only lead to ill.

For his sizeable charm, I find it difficult to disagree with him. He has also stolen many of my pens.

:') Beautiful.
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Because I just can't stand it anymore. Look at this fucking canon. LOOK AT IT.

You want to read this.

ETA: Now with images that actually load!!

excepts from JIM #622, aka first issue! kinda image heavy. )

I'll keep doing this with every issue until everyone is reading my canon. Don't even think that I won't.
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General apologies for slowness and thread-dropping for the past couple of weeks, and possibly for awhile longer. Work and holidays are part of it, of course, but mostly it's because my cat's health is declining and I have not been in the mood to RP (or do much of anything else, really) at all.

Gonna try to pick it up a bit, but slowatus is in effect until... well. Further notice, I guess. :|a

ETA wow I'm out of it - this applies to C.C., Loki, and Pao-Lin/Dragon Kid.
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Slowatus / mostly hiatus for me for the next few days. I just got married! And now we are kidnapping a few friends (including Yzak) and heading to the beach. Applies to this guy and C.C. Back Thursday night!

When I get back I'll try to actually post about the latest issue of my canon.

...I also saw Captain America opening night, so here's a thoughtful and eloquent reaction to that Avengers teaser. under the cut )
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Right, I should probably go ahead and throw this out there.

I am pretty shy about playing! I've been in this game for almost five years and while it's definitely gotten better, it's still far from where I'd like to be. I basically never make my own posts because of this. That said, I don't think I've ever been as eager to play a character as I have been since I picked up Loki, so it's been an annoying tug of war between wanting to play and being too much of a pansy to play.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this post is now a jumping meme. Comment if you would like me to jump you! In addition to Loki, I also play C.C. Also, blanket permission to jump me anytime with anyone. Love me.

In the meantime, I will continue on my quest towards not being such a lurker. :|b
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This is a HMD post. Got beef? I'm listening!
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love meeeeeee )

app post

Jun. 12th, 2011 08:29 pm
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Character: Loki
Series: Journey Into Mystery (Thor)
Character Age: 12-14 in appearance
Canon: No one in Asgard was pleased when Thor, son of Odin and thunder god-turned-superhero, resurrected his brother Loki--understandable, considering the huge part Loki played in their recent near-downfall, and also the fact that he was a liar and all-around giant douchebag. Fortunately for them, the treacherous God of Mischief was reincarnated as a young street rat with no memory of his former villainy, his hatred of his brother, or that he was in fact an Asgardian god. After Thor found him, he restored part of Loki's former identity, including a deep sense of guilt for whatever horrible things he did in his former life. Upon returning to Asgard, a series of strange events culminated in a meeting with a ghost of his former, villainous self. Not terribly impressed by the things his ghost had to say, the new Loki banished the old Loki into the form of a magpie, because he wanted to live their life his own way--the magpie became his "minion and opposite," occasionally offering advice of questionable motivation.

While Loki is no longer the wicked, manipulative antagonist he used to be, he retains some of his other traits. Still a gifted magician, he is endlessly clever, intelligent, sharp-tongued, and not above getting creative with the rules in order to achieve his goals--fortunately, his goals are now in the best interest of more than just himself. However, the vast majority of his people do not trust him, and many want him dead (again), so Loki spends much of his time holed up in a room atop a tower with his books and his cell phone, which he won gambling with dwarves and uses to learn about their adoptive world, Earth, via the internet. Due to his reincarnation as a modern kid and possibly also because of aforementioned internet usage, he speaks in a more casual manner than other Asgardians. His curiosity is nearly insatiable, but not inappropriate for one dubbed the God of Mischief.

Sample Post:

Okay. For the moment, I'm going to go ahead and ignore the fact that there are reanimated corpses shambling about. I'll even turn a blind eye to the giant squid monster making eyes at me from the top of that silo--I'm a generous guy, you see. With that said, Lady Sayre, could we turn our attention to the murder charge on hand? Look, I know I've made a few... mistakes. Big ones, even. To say that I'm a changed man would be woefully understating it, but the bottom line is that I didn't kill your fiance. I mean, I probably didn't. I have a hard time believing I would have garnered much amusement from killing one random guy who probably never did anything significant to begin with.

...I guess that was a bit harsh. My apologies. I'm sure your fiance was a fine man. Actually, let's revisit the whole walking dead situation--isn't it possible that one of these... things... is him? I mean, why else would you be keeping monstrosities like these around on your property? Why are the dead allowed to remain in the world of the living? Why is one of them attempting to disrobe me? Do any of these questions have answers?

Oh, and speaking of answers, these strange tropical birds you've clearly enlisted in your witch hunt will not be getting any from me. I must commend your sorcery, though--the fact that they can communicate telepathically is impressive. Unfortunately, this wasn't even the first bird I've encountered who could do that, and the former was much more eloquent. Contrary to what you and your magic birds might believe, I've little interest on what happened on "Jersey Shore" last night--even less so now that I've looked it up on the internet--so if you'll pardon my critique, I feel you might need further training as a sorceress. I could teach you, of course, but I'm afraid I'd have to charge.

On the other hand, the magic barrier you've constructed seems quite strong. Even I'm having a bit of trouble trying to thwart it. Bravo. However, I've already told you I'm not responsible for your fiance's demise, my phone has no bars, and I'm growing tired of this idiocy, so I think it's about time you let me go. Failing that, I'm fairly sure I could manage to convince your resident kraken to see my side of the story. Surely we can reach an agreement, Lady Sayre; I'd hate to see you end up getting what the humans of the internet call "owned."

[Voting went here, 97% what what!]
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